PS 56 & PS 58 Sorted residential papers and news (SRPN) & Sorted clean news (SCN)

Sorted residential papers & news (SRPN)

Consists of sorted newspapers, mail, magazines, printing and writing papers and other acceptable papers generated from residential programs (such as residential household and apartment collections and drop-off centers) sorted and processed at a recycling facility. Containerboard and brown grades (OCC, Kraft bags, boxboard and Kraft carrier board) will be considered as “Outthrows.” Due to some technical questions, a clarification to the language above was made in August 2019.

Prohibitive Materials may not exceed 2%
Outthrows may not exceed 3%

Sorted clean news (SCN)

Consists of sorted newspapers from source separated collection programs, converters, drop-off centers and paper drives containing the normal percentages of roto gravure, colored and coated sections. May contain inserts that would normally be included in the newspaper in the proper proportions. Grade must be free of excessive ink, brown grades and non-paper material. (Some mills may require pack to be free of flexographic inks.)

Prohibitive Materials may not exceed 1/2 of 1%
Outthrows plus prohibitives may not exceed 1%
Other papers may not exceed 10%

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