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With our position as the industry's leader, we have partnership with several retailers and traders. Partnerships are important to us. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with both of our businesses so that we both gain value from each other. A win-win situation is what we believe in Take a look at the reasons below to see why you should partnership with us.

A great deal

Take advantage of our fantastic deals and discounts and partner with us.

Ability to adapt

To meet our worldwide partners' business needs, we adapt to their KPIs.

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To provide our partners with the highest quality of service.

About Ravira - Partners

At Ravira International, we have been working hard to form partnerships with some of the world's greatest trading industries to help us grow our business. As a Ravira International General Trading LLC, we serve one purpose: to provide our customers with the best possible results. Continually growing, our increasingly large list of partners all share a common commitment to offering the very best expertise and recovered materials to meet each customer's unique needs.


Ravira International is co-founded by Amit Sardava as CEO. Amit Sardava oversees the business's financial and strategic aspects with a strong emphasis on operations. The primary objective of Ravira International is to ensure that they are one of the most reputable providers of recovered materials and other products in the world


CEO Ravira International

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